For her continuation of “Trifle”, Cristin Richard has chosen to deepen the discussion of over-consumption by focusing on, and analyzing the phenomenon of the fervent consumption of the image in our current day society.

The expansion of the capitalist economy involves the continual creation of ‘the lack’ and ‘the satisfaction’. ‘The satisfaction’ creates ‘the lack’ by calling up a new satisfaction, a vicious cycle of which we are imprisoned consumers.

The media commonly exists as a structure that belongs to the extension of our technical thought, and the use of the image is the most simple form to send through feelings of pleasure. Today, the reign of consumption and pleasure belongs to the image.

Nowadays, all areas of our society are affected by the phenomenon: Politics, Morality, Economics…  They are all about the image.  Will the picture become more important than the reality? Essentially, our everyday life is flooded by the image: TV, video, film and photography have become the main food sources of our mind. They dictate our feelings, our emotions, and push us into extreme stats of laziness. There is no more a need to exhaust ourselves on a physical or mental level…just one click, and everything is offered to us.

In front of the screen, the consumer is faced with a fast succession of rich images to absorb his consciousness and place him in a hypnotic state. He is then owned and manipulated by the images of entertainment and consumer goods, which only provides happiness to those who are profiting from things to be sold. Read More…

Trifle III. (2014) Small collage series

Trifle III. (2014)
Small collage series

Sculptural component of Trifle III. (2014).

Video component of Trifle III. (2014).

Performance of Trifle III. CultureFix NYC (2014) Photos by EE Berger

Performance of Trifle III. CultureFix NYC (2014)
Photos by EE Berger

Cristin Richard