For Part II of the Metabolism trilogy, Cristin Richard chose to examine the question of the reflection, our own reflection in front of ourselves and the one that we later project onto the other: How our own subjectivity insidiously pushes us to construct an arbitrarily dangerous point of view of ourselves. And also how later this altered perception of ourselves could lead us to display a personality that is based on a biased judgment from our own part. Therefore, people in front of us perceive us as such. Does this affect our daily life? Could the fact that we build our own personality through the dialogue between our consciousness and our reflection distort our relationship with the world?

It seems that the mind makes it’s own decisions based upon a dialogue between two sides, by any means, it does seem that there is the self, and the reflection of the self. Each side is looking out for the other, and also the best interests for the sum of the two. As human beings, we all have an internal dialogue taking place. According to Freud, there are many facets to one’s personality. It’s almost a division of self. These different facets are only revealed when we encounter certain energies from certain people, or specific situations. It is intriguing that we unconsciously switch in and out of our personality traits.

To be closer to her topic, Cristin has worked with different sets of monozygotic twins. For weeks she met them at length and analyzed with them their sense of perception… perception of oneself…and that of the other… Are they not the perfect mirror of themselves? The mirror, an object which creates a dynamic: Proposing a reflection, a mirror possesses both an identity and the difference. It reveals a mismatch between the being and its’ representation. When the eye is captured and captivated by the mirror, the victim witnesses his power or distortion, making the mirror harmful while denouncing a certain perversity: Courtly love illusions, pride and vanity of Narcissus. Read More…

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PerformanceCristin Richard